Thursday, July 19, 2012


The Givenchy Fall/Winter 2012 ad campaign (styled by Carine Roitfeld) is so rad.
Its dramatic,intense and angsty and so poignant its almost brutal. I would've probably used different looks, but the collection is just so next level all the way around!(YO RICKY HOOK A BRUTHA UP WITH THE WHOLE COLLECTION THO, NAHMEAN?). 

Tisci and Roitfeld perfectly captured a hyper-stylized version of the isolation in which much of modern youth is acculturated to living by setting the campaign against the darkening stormy sky in a vacant parking lot .
 The campaign perfectly captures the Tumblr-Generation,  moshing in the dark, wearing garish, nebulous outfits. 
Riccardo Tisci says to WWD: “[to] convey the euphoric energy of a rave… It is about happiness and the freedom of expressing yourself with your body. It shows a dynamic, happy and fun world, which is what fashion needs.”
Tisci x Roitfeld are an unstoppable team.
Also is it just me or do these look like screencaps of what Lars Von Trier would've come up with had he directed  "The Hunger Games"?
I made 2 playlists that I feel captures the vibes of this pretty well.
I made one to encapsulate the rave vibes and the other to go along with the teen angst.
1. Youthglitch

2. Subsequent