Friday, January 29, 2010

What would I want? Sky

Tavi did this game about a kajillion years ago and it looked like fun, so I thought I'd try it out.anyway, here are the rules:

1. Choose runway pictures from ANY season you like and choose 3 outfits for Day, Evening & Party.
2. Briefly explain why and state the name of the designer & which season the outfit is from.
3. Tag 4 other bloggers once you are done and let them know by posting a comment on their blog
here goes nothing,


Dsquared2 s/s 2010-I chose this outfit because its really fun,but its appropriate for a varied range of thing. The colors look great together and I love the layered socks and workboots.


Jil Sanders f/w 2008-I chose this look because the pattern on this trench coat is really nice and I like the way the suit is cut. Also, the shoes are KILLER!!


Missoni s/s 2006-I can see myself dancing to many a Passion Pit songs in this magical Missoni outfit!!!

I tagged:

Mo at Chocolate Couture

Chrissy at CRHEE

Poliopoliopolio at HLSH

Subarna at REEZYS BLOG

{photos, GQ}

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Acquire currency, disregard females

I've been listening to this song non-stop for the last 7 days!!
I just cant get enough of these maniac geniuses!!
I'm totez in love with that granny house dress thing Victor (the tall skinny one) was
sporting at 2:29
I would wear it like this w/ acid-washed
skinny jeans

Dudley DoDaaaaamnRight!!!(*In best Isaac Hayes/Shaft theme voice*)

Its as if the guys at D&G know that I want to dress like a Hipster Canadian Mounty At Nighttime!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Studs were done alot this season(no pun intended:))but
the best examples were done at Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci (along with the best white suit EVER!!)

('Sup Jesus)
I have a perfect tartan button-up for DIY project but where
the hell is my Bedazzler???
p.s. SNOW DAY!!!!! we got like an inch of snow and they shut down school for a day!!!KA-CHING!!
Good night Blogtown

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obviously she doesnt wanna be friends with this guy!!

(warning:lame excuses ahead!!)I've just been void of inspiration and motivation lately!!!(translaion:lazy as H-E-double hockey sticks)

hope you guys had a Merry ChristmaKwanzaRamaChanuBoxingJul!!!!
and a Happy New Year!!!!
Now , New Year Resolution Time!!!!!!!

I never stick to these anyway

1.stop being so indecisive!!
2. Learn to play the guitar.
3.Keep a journal
4. Start the 74' Bronco fund!!!
5. Garner a set of BFF's
6. Create something beautiful and thoughtful
7. Travel
I want this year to be amazing for the blog, for me and for you guys!!
If you know of any cool blogs, books, websites, magazines etc., etc., let me know!!