Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obviously she doesnt wanna be friends with this guy!!

(warning:lame excuses ahead!!)I've just been void of inspiration and motivation lately!!!(translaion:lazy as H-E-double hockey sticks)

hope you guys had a Merry ChristmaKwanzaRamaChanuBoxingJul!!!!
and a Happy New Year!!!!
Now , New Year Resolution Time!!!!!!!

I never stick to these anyway

1.stop being so indecisive!!
2. Learn to play the guitar.
3.Keep a journal
4. Start the 74' Bronco fund!!!
5. Garner a set of BFF's
6. Create something beautiful and thoughtful
7. Travel
I want this year to be amazing for the blog, for me and for you guys!!
If you know of any cool blogs, books, websites, magazines etc., etc., let me know!!


  1. i LOL'd at the illustration for "start a journal."

    hope you have a happy bloggy new year!

  2. I wanna achieve number 6 too!

    Nabila xo

  3. lol!I know right HLSH!!
    I believe we all do, Nabila!! :)