Thursday, January 7, 2010


Studs were done alot this season(no pun intended:))but
the best examples were done at Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci (along with the best white suit EVER!!)

('Sup Jesus)
I have a perfect tartan button-up for DIY project but where
the hell is my Bedazzler???
p.s. SNOW DAY!!!!! we got like an inch of snow and they shut down school for a day!!!KA-CHING!!
Good night Blogtown


  1. Studs are starting to become one of the main things this season.
    It snowed in England as well. We had a whole week off. Extra Christmas Holiday :D

    Nice Blog Taj Keep it up bro

  2. I think you should send out a milk carton alert. Missing bedazzler is a dangerous thing. I love blazers with studded collars... so perfectly chic.
    xoxo Mo