Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kiko Mizuhara

She's  so beautiful.
I can literally think of 1,000 ,000  Childish Gambino lyrics to aptly describe my love for her, but I'll just say that shes the prettiest woman in the world to me.  I mean...JUST LOOK AT HER !
If I keep talking this'll just end up getting very creepy very fast, so I'm just gonna stop there.
(I'm reading Norwegian Wood just because I found out she plays in the film adaptation.)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

generation y(esterday)

In the latest issue of Interview, Peter Brant II (HEY LETS TRADE LIVES, KTHXBAI!!!) sat down with Daphne Guinness, and amongst a buttload of other totally interesting things, they discussed the state of Fashion. Daphne, obviously unimpressed by anything in the fashion world these days, said "There hasn’t been anything real since grunge,"
I was all like "GURL BYE!!"
But then, upon further examination of her entire statement:
 “There hasn’t been anything real since grunge. That was the last movement led by music or an art form.” 
I realized that she might actually be on to something....Grunge was the last fashion-wide movement that was inspired by something important in the world.
 Every decade had a Movement, some even had two: The70's Disco duds, the 80's CdG worshipping and Powersuits and the 90's with its Calvin Klein style Minimalism and "Grunge", todays fashion just seems to be a reminiscent hodge-podge of all of that.

Given this being "The Age of the Internet" and the extremely fast pace we receive information (and the even faster pace we deem it "old news") coupled with the fact that most fashion "movements" were a reaction to the things happening in the world (The 60's happened in reaction to the political problems and frustrations with the war, the 70's were inspired by the feelings of opulence and "new money" coming out of those wars and the 80s' fear of under-dressing turned in the 90s' fear of overdressing)  I think it would be nearly impossible for a "movement" to catch on today. 
In today's fashion world, 100's of different "movements" are coexisting and hardly any of them are new, just recycled ideas of something that already "happened"On one hand I believe this to be an awesome environment for up-and-coming designers to come into their own in. With no definite "movements" or outside influence telling them to "DO THIS/DO THAT/THIS IS COOL RIGHT NOW", designers can put their own spin on previous movements, play with ideas and experiment enough and get it wrong enough to get it right and find their voice. But on the other hand I see our infatuation with recycling the past as a being a bit of a problem 10-20 years down the road when we look back to assess this generation and what ,sartorially speaking, made us as a generation.
What will we be remembered for?
I really hope we don't end of being "The Generation of Uggs and Pajama Jeans"

Monday, November 21, 2011

heroes and villains and cholos

I really like the way David Neville and Marcus Wainwright took prominent allusions to the L.A. Gang culture and convincingly laced it with references to Surf culture. 
I call it Cholos in Waikiki or Boyz N Maui.This season's  3XL Dickies and houseshoe-ish slip-ons paired with the board shorts and those Hawaiian prints (composed of high rises, low-riders and barbed wires)  all seem right at home next to each other. Its very quirky and conceptual while also maintaining all of the the formal tailoring that keep the brand relevant.
Peppered in throughout the looks, Neville and Wainwright gave the collection what they called an  "element of England," dandy flavored, hand-tailored morning coats and the jacquard suits and wind breakers (my personal fave is the Mao-ish suit (bottom right)).
The boys at Rag & Bone have this really rad way of fusing totally random references and bringing it all together in a way you couldn't have even imagined (last season they gave us British Royalty in sportswear, read:Tartan letterman jackets and Neoprene kilts)
(I love the way some models only have their top button buttoned lol choloswag)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Russh Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue
I don't really talk about things pertaining to womens fashion on this blog, I try to keep the subject matter strictly dickly (wait...I don't think I used that right...) but this editorial is just so AWESOME!!! Something about the "bad-girl-in-a-small-town-with-a-Farrah-Fawcett-haircut" vibes is totally hot to me! Plus the sleazy rock and roll vibes of it kinda remind me of the new Justice album!(GO READ MY REVIEW FOR FIASCO MAGAZINE!!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think its really awesome when a designer can keep reinventing himself, while staying true to his cardinal aesthetic. I remember (unnecessarily) semi-bitching at Geller a few seasons ago, about the fact that most of his collections have the same underlying theme with just interchangeable colors and details.
And while I still believe that to be the case here, something clicked with this collection. I no longer look at Geller as a redundant hack, but as an author developing a very coherent, headstrong character, and sticking him in different sociocultural situations and seeing how he pans out. 
I'm always down for a good experiment.
Spring/Summer 2012 sees the Geller man as a Bowie-obsessed Club Kid in
 voluminous, slouchy jackets, tailored button ups and mesh t-shirts in dark solid colors, under wide-brimmed fedoras (similar to the ones seen at Lanvin this Fall).
His bottom half in oversized shorts, leather skinnies, paper bag waists, big stripes and theses cool little macrame cuffs, accented by rad shoes in collaboration with Common Projects.

Friday, November 11, 2011

new compasion

I like the "Rich Punk" vibes and the watercolor tie dye and the jackets and neoprene t-shirts AND THE CLUB COLLARS!!!!(GIMME!!!!!)
Any designer that can retain his sense of humor while being super sophisticated at the same time is A-Ok in my book. 
Its not his  best work or anything but I like it. 
plus Jack Donaghue (from SALEM) did the music, so count me in!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

african connection

NYFW ended a few weeks ago after Marc (which was a GREATshow!!) so I might as well review the shows now while there still fresh in my mind (I'll go back to Paris and Milan later). So anyway New York didn't prove to exciting for menswear this season...Not that everything was ugly or anything, It was all just either not that good or just ok or waaaay to wearable or I-can-totally-recreate-this-whole-collection-at-the-GoodWill-ish *coughcoughBillyReidcough*....(It was the complete and utter opposite with the womens shows tho, EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME!!!!) but through the expected menswearbullshithaze, I actually spotted a few pretty good collections!!

wow.....can you believe that before 2 seasons ago I didn't even consider Kors a real designer.....I don't even know why but  I always just scraped him over into that proverbial mental TJMaxx sales bin with Nautica and Perry Ellis, etc. (TK Maxx for my UK readers:)). Hard to imagine I was doing that to somebody who is now one of my favorite designers.
The collection consist of the same ArtBro vibes as last Spring, but this time filtered through Kors' AfriLuxe vision.
Inspired by a recent African trek, Kors flooded the runway with loose knit sweaters, dip dyed leather jackets, crinkled sweatpants, tribal tie-dyes, leather sandals and even a very, very manly sarong. Adventurous Safari-Luxe vibes grounded with laid-back menswear essentials. Plus, that alligator hide strapped bag is TO DIE FOR!!!
I really like the collection despite the fact that it really annoys me when designers reference Africa or any other 3rd world countries in order to sound cultured and involved, when in reality they're not bring any light or help to the real-life dire situations in those countries. So because I kinda like the collection, I'll give Michael a pass and take this time to right his wrong.
Please take this opportunity to donate to CARE or STAND, two very important organizations that are working to end genocide and poverty in third world countries (Chuck  goes into more detail on why you should get involved and ways you can help here)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

el dorado

Excuse my absence, I was just helping my mom build a soon to be MULTITRILLION DOLLAR EMPIRE! lol.
My mom is in the process of starting a natural hair and body product line and I've been acting as her personal assistant, and last month was like fashion week for hair or something lol. The last couple of weeks have been filled to the brim with countless trade shows, expos, workshops and SO. MUCH. SHEA. BUTTER.
but more on that later.
We wrapped up all of that insanity with a nice little vacay in Myrtle Beach, it was sooooo beautiful and relaxing (it was kinda cold but whatevz, thats what Jacuzzis are for). 
NY coverage should be out this week.
 *I took all these pics while we were in SC
here, have this mini-playlist. you deserve it.

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