Monday, November 7, 2011

african connection

NYFW ended a few weeks ago after Marc (which was a GREATshow!!) so I might as well review the shows now while there still fresh in my mind (I'll go back to Paris and Milan later). So anyway New York didn't prove to exciting for menswear this season...Not that everything was ugly or anything, It was all just either not that good or just ok or waaaay to wearable or I-can-totally-recreate-this-whole-collection-at-the-GoodWill-ish *coughcoughBillyReidcough*....(It was the complete and utter opposite with the womens shows tho, EVERYTHING WAS SO AWESOME!!!!) but through the expected menswearbullshithaze, I actually spotted a few pretty good collections!!

wow.....can you believe that before 2 seasons ago I didn't even consider Kors a real designer.....I don't even know why but  I always just scraped him over into that proverbial mental TJMaxx sales bin with Nautica and Perry Ellis, etc. (TK Maxx for my UK readers:)). Hard to imagine I was doing that to somebody who is now one of my favorite designers.
The collection consist of the same ArtBro vibes as last Spring, but this time filtered through Kors' AfriLuxe vision.
Inspired by a recent African trek, Kors flooded the runway with loose knit sweaters, dip dyed leather jackets, crinkled sweatpants, tribal tie-dyes, leather sandals and even a very, very manly sarong. Adventurous Safari-Luxe vibes grounded with laid-back menswear essentials. Plus, that alligator hide strapped bag is TO DIE FOR!!!
I really like the collection despite the fact that it really annoys me when designers reference Africa or any other 3rd world countries in order to sound cultured and involved, when in reality they're not bring any light or help to the real-life dire situations in those countries. So because I kinda like the collection, I'll give Michael a pass and take this time to right his wrong.
Please take this opportunity to donate to CARE or STAND, two very important organizations that are working to end genocide and poverty in third world countries (Chuck  goes into more detail on why you should get involved and ways you can help here)

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