Monday, November 22, 2010

Spring 2011 Pt. 1

Tomas Maier had a traveler in mind. Not some epic Cormac McCarthy-type shit, but an heroic traveler none the less. An adventurer. A guy trying to discover himself by discovering the world.  The show opened with a varied progression of wrinkled white shirts(because "The Heroic Traveler" lives out of his car and sleeps at sleazy motels in the middle of nowhere.)and sand colored suits(one is patch worked, made to look like a topographical map and the others have a light fatigue-y print).
The next few looks called upon an urban/Gothic version of "The Heroic Traveler". Lush leathers, super-light  nylons and other innovative synthetic fibers took the places of the earthy cottons and linens. Giving the show a darker feel. This version of the of "The Heroic Traveler" is a little more dangerous than the first. Maybe our hero found something in himself that wasn't good. He may not be all that heroic.
a sort of tête-à-tête between who he wants to be and who hes becoming (Alexander Supertramp vs.Christopher McCandless)
But we don't lose him.
After his run in with the dark side we see a parade of monochromatic and gleefully colored looks. Leather shorts and mock anorak shirt-thingys(one of my favorite ensembles), cardigans and cargo pants, parkas and cargo shorts were all sent down the runway in coordinating tones. 
The Bottega Veneta man is no longer "The Heroic Traveler". Hes the Adventurer. Hes secure with the man that he is. Hes the man that hes always wanted to be. Hes extremely luxe and lax at the same time.
Leather jackets and sweatpants.NEXTLEVELSHIZZ!!!

Mandals and Grandpa socks!
amazingly slouchy but tailored suit + sheer t-shirt= SHEER PERFECTIONZ (I'm so sorry, that sounded way less lame in my head) but srsly u guyz, this is perfect.

AND THEN THIIISSSS!!!! OMFFFG U GUYS!!! this is what I want to wear every day!!(I know thats gross, but HNNNNNGGG!!) A blazer and and a v-neck t-shirt sounds like some slutty MiamiVice-type shit, but its not!! Its everything I'll need in order to breath next spring!! ITS AIR!!and then paired with the AMAZING platform-y/creeper-ishness of the shoes.............diedandcameback2life.......I LOVE IT!! INEED IT!!

I feel really bad about it, but I never really paid attention to Michael Kors. Up until his BANANAS Fall/Winter 2010 collection I didn't even take him seriously as a designer. I watched him on Project Runaway and I appreciated his bitchy/funny commentary but other than that........nope.
But this is 2 good!!
 It looks like something you would wear if you went to Parsons in the 90's.(Cuz of course I was totally there and I totally remember.) 
Look at the hair and leather jacket in the 1st pic and tell me that not the personification of the 90's.(I was gonna bring ur attention to the hair in the 2nd and 3rd pic but they looks more like a Christian rock band lead singer circa 2003.)
Kors gave us a trench and pajama pant combo,  sweater vests and turtlenecks that could only put me in the mind of an unintentionally pretentious college student. 
I shal call him............ArtBro
This is my favorite look. its so incoherent with the rest of the shows ArtBro vibez,but is just so awesome.
Kenzo was just so great.
I'm trying so hard not to post the whole collection.
and Jenny Shimizu was there!WIN4ANTONIOMARRAS!

The theme/story at Kenzo this season was:  " A French artist traveling to Tokyo for the first time and absorbing the intricacies of Japanese culture into his own style." says (its kinda like "The Heroic Traveler" + "ArtBro" x more mandals!lol)
Antonio Marras based this collection, which is the launch of Kenzo's menswear, on the story of Kenzo Takada.  Takada came from Tokyo to Paris in the sixties, setting in a motion a "fashionrailroad" between two of the worlds most fashionable cities.
In this collection Marras, being the master storyteller he is, showcased a man that morphed from croissant-eating Limoncello-drinking  "French Dandy" in Mediterranean blues and whites, suits and stripes (that was not an intentional rhyme.....)
 into a cool "Cultured Japanese Sartorialist/RockStar" standing out in (water)colors, interesting cuts, dyeing techniques and weaving/crocheting.
these are some of my favorite looks.

This deconstructed/reconstructed inside-out trench is exactly what I need in mah life.

Cosby twinsets? yes please!


This puts me in the mind of A.Wang Spring 2010 (translation: I'm all up in that shit.)

many of you who follow me on tumblr (if you please get with the program!! you already know how I feel about this coat! 

But allow me to let u know how I feel about this coat once more:
yes. that is exactly how I feel about it.
Its so fucking amazing! anybody who knows me knows how I am about outerwear and this is an AMAZING specimen of outerwear! and most of the outerwear(I promise I will never say Outwear ever again in my life!) from this collection was BOMB as fuck, but this was my fav (2nd fav), I mean dude, look at the sheer sleeves and that quilted vest thing-y and the way that its kinda elongated and tell me thats not PURESEX!its practically COATPORN!



  1. legit, kenzo was the shit. it was definitely one of my fave ss 11 collections!

    i'm really happy you,re back to blogging!

    i'm back too, remember me?

  2. Oh wow. I was dying in my chair! Your a funny guy! That all white number by Bottega Veneta needs to find its way into my life. Immediately. IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Great review, and i LOVE the whole 'grandpa socks with sandals' look lol :D those cosby twinsets are also to die for! I so need some now :D

    By the way, thankyou for the comment you left on my blog recently.I am so sorry that i did not respond any sooner, but i really do appreciate you taking the time to reply to my post :) so thanks :) and did the polaroid you found work then? or was it an old banger like the one i discovered lol :D

    Day By Diva

  4. Chuck- Yes. I remember u!! I was sad to see that ur previous blog is now defunct, but im glad to see that ur back now!!!

    Stan- thx!!and, IKR!!!

    Sanam- thx!!idk if it works becuz I cant find any polaroid film!!lol my mom said it was used last in 98!!lol