Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't call my name...........

While I was absent from the blogosphere I was busy sleeping until 2 and waking up to binge-eat Ramen and get on Tumblr (hiphip hooray for Summer2010!!) but in the midst of all that I found that I had time to mingle with Atlanta's les gens beaux, riches.

I was invited to a cocktail party/fashion show by the people at Modern Atlanta (Thanks Nick and Elayne!!:)). I'm an awkward/recluse/hermit person so I didnt talk to that many people (I spent 3 hours yesterday Googling "how to talk to strangers at parties" and "how to seem interesting"lol) but even still it was a great night and
the only way to descibe it is:
thats whale talk for "FUN AS HELL".
I saw things that I never thought I would see(well, maybe not never but definetely not so soon.)
like these:
Pic from Sea Of Shoes
The lady that was wearing these was so effing nice!! I walked up to hear and was all "I love your shoes so much!!!" and she was all like "Thanks" and I was all like "Your welcome!!"
and this guy who worked with Jeffrey Atlanta had these babes on. I walked up tp him told him that I loved his shoes and he even said he liked mine:)
and then there was this situation.....

The lady that had these on was obviously the life of the party because she had like 11 people surrounding her at all time and they were always deep in conversation. I wanted to go up to her and fanboy all over her shoes like I did with Epic Celine Lady and Epic Lanvin Dude but being the sad little recluse person that I am, I just admired from afar. I hate that I did that because she seemed like a really cool person.
so I'd like to take this time to do this:

Dear Epic Ann D. Lady,
If you are reading this (Which I highly doubt),I just wanna say hi and I like your shoes.:) 

I'm glad I got that off my chest.
anywhooo.... the fashion show was a collaboration between MA and Jeffereys Atlanta to benefit CARE (donate!!!)and it was basically just a recap of Lanvin Spring 2010(and some Resort 2010)(Review to come later)
Jarno and Koralie+SupaKitch, 3 AMAZING french street artist were in attendance and they did a live painting demonstration.(the paintings were availabe for sale )

Jarno Kettunen
that was an AWESOME NIGHT!!(more to come later)
Can we talk about this......

little blue bird: MY LIFE IS MADE edititon

guess who said thanks.........

Sunday, June 20, 2010


little blue bird

I don't want to sound like a delusional self-important douchebag or anything*, but I think that the person that writes the fashion show reviews for GQ, totally saw my tweet!!!
Check out those mad fly Microsoft Paint skillz!!
I tweeted that while the show was happening and that post didn't get on the GQ website till 4 hours later.

I know that the shoes basically are gladiator Birkenstocks, and me saying it on twitter before some important editor doesn't give me immunity to Bird Flu(what?) or give Christopher Bailey the idea to fly me out to Fashion Week in March and dress me head to toe in Burberry and sit me front row for the show(HINT HINT PAGING MR. BAILEY) , but I stll think its really cool!:)

*did I fail at that?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's hard for me to remember specific cake.

I started writing this a while ago, but I've just been in a post and pre-birthday whirl plus my mom has put me on a strict no-computer punishment(damn you Tumblr, for being so addictive and making me stay up until 4am on a school night!!!)(I'm glad I don't have to worry about school anymore!!!)

A few weeks ago I talked to some people about coming to an event and they were all like"Sure, you can come, wereawesomepeople" and I was all like "thanks" and this thing doesn't start until June but I went to a cocktail party for it on Monday!!!
I don't have any pictures of me at the event, which is why I'm being so secretive about it.
Hopefully I'm getting my camera on my birthday(May 24!!!!!:))(4 DAYS!!!!)
so I will be able to take pictures at the event(s)!!
(I will give you a clue though: Modern Atlanta)
anyway, there is more AW10 to review....
Richard Chai
Although this season isnt as good as last season
(I don't know why I expected anything less than AWESOME from Richard Chai.He helped launch Marc by Marc Jacobs and he was taking classes at Parsons when he was 13.)
Everything I said about Rag and Bone can be said for this, but this is like the homeless/Ivy League version(In a really good way)
minus the part about the prints.
Does that make sense to anybody but me?

Did anyone else notice the INSANE Proenza Spring2010 connection?
The rolled-up sleeves/fingerless gloves and the Grunge-ish sleeves-tied-around-the-waist!!!EPICEPICEPIC!! Proenza Schouler is one of (if not my most) favorite womenswear lines. (Jack and Lazaro need to do Menswear, like NAO!I'm just sayin')
PSchouler Spring10 was like, the. best. ever.
And it made me so jealous that women got all that AMAZINGNESS.
This collection has soothed some of that jealz-ness.
Thank You Richard Chai!!
(Not that I can buy any of this anyway.)
(I'll just wait a few years until its on Gilt :))

I feel like the stuff I said about the house of Etro in mty last AWFW10 post could be taken as me bashing them for there excessive use of prints and MAXIMALIST aesthetic.(even though I followed the comment with confessing my undying love for them, I believe the word "adore" came into play.)
But let me clear that up right now with a feeling I had while looking through there latest collection:
I want everything in this entire collection( which kinda sounds like entire confectionloll:)))anybody?.........Bueller?........
I think at some point in my life, I can see myself being minimal, like wearing like 5 things(under-clothes included) and just being happy with it, but not right now.
Right now I wanna be the guy wearing a suede blazer and jodhpurs or Meggings, spats and a Furby on my arm(HOT DATE!!lol) or a purple suede trench and green velvet pants.
AKA The Etro AW10 Man!
The color palette of this season is refreshingly dark (oxymoron?)
Composed of mainly dark blues, browns, greens and purples, it totally goes against the traditional, vivid  Etro look that we've all grown to love.
This newfound darkness at the house of Etro is appreciated by the goth in me.
The references to nature/toys that wont stfu were obvious as were the desperate attempts to inject color into the oft drab winter wardrobe, My favorites being the AMAZING(!!!) WTWTA-ish(I love that movie) coat.
and just when I thought the gloriously quirky darkness of the collection would never end, they throw in these spectaculah light browns and amazing poppy green colors.
Yo Fashion Week, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Kean Etro has the BEST SENSE OF COLOR(AND HOW/WHEN TO USE IT) OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME!!!!!
lol but forealz, all Kanye-isms aside, Kean is a master with colors. You would think that a splash of light colors would kinda sabotage a predominately dark collection, but they don't, they add depth and beauty to an already deep and beautiful collection.

well, the Spring2011 shows are almost here and I'm still reviewing the Fall shows (I'm sorry, I'm a failure)
I promise Spring/Summer 2011 will be betterlol!
The next post is an outfit post!!!!

p.s. FUCK YES!!!