Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday night, Always a good night for some Sabbath AKA Fall/Winter 2010

Hey ,
how have you guys been?
besides the fact hat now have to go too school from 11-6(!!!)(get used to that because it describes how I feel about most things in my life.) I've been ok.
I've had almost no breaks from school and any time I do get has been devoted to watching "Freaks and Geeks" and keeping this here bloggyblog afloat. I also have a giveaway planned!!!:))
(look whos getting ahead of himself, hasn't even done an outfit post but is already planning a giveaway....*pffft* rookies never learn.....).
but anyway,
look what I got......
more A/W F/W 2010-11 reviews for that ass!!!
Patrik Ervell
I don't really like Ervell this season, which is a huge shock to me, because last season was so *effing* perfect.

Maybe the references/details were so obscure and minimal that it flew straight over my head.
I mean, Spring was pretty minimal too, but it had amazing little details. This didn't, it was just plain. The color scheme really only consisted of 4 colors(blue, light brown, black, white)(There was some red and grey, but very, very little.)

To me it looked like a British garbageman that fronts for a "The Smiths" tribute band.
(even though I have no idea what that looks like I'm pretty sure it would look like this)
 There were some things I liked, though.
I really like those Meggings(lol), the belted button-up shirt and that AMAZING clear raincoat.
But there is absolutely nothing kosher about that latex scarf and poncho.nothing.
I don't want to wear anything that reminds me of the doctors office/condoms.
(random weird fact about me: I love hospitals, but not if I'm the patient)(what does this mean?)(am I crazy?)
Condom Chic for Fall 2010.
(I don't want shit to end like this between me and Patrik. All of his other collections are so effing ACES. Please blow that shit out of the park in September ,Patrik. Please.)
I love you, but you confuse me.....

Rag & Bone

What do Ogres, Onions and Rag & Bone all have in common?
And in Rag & Bones case, really, really rad ones.
I love how the abundance of pattern here don't clash, you would think that if you paired Fair Isle, camouflage and Tartan it would clash and burn(look who's playing with idioms:))) 
but it doesnt. Or maybe it does, but its like, a good clash. 
I also love the fact that its maximalist but its not all COLORSCOLORS/PRINTSPRINTS
(case-and-point: Etro, and I absolutely ADORE Etro, butyaknow, theres a time and a place for everything.)
I really, really like the feel of the collection, its kinda like an Emo Hunter or a Soldier that reads Poe or "Into The Wild" (more so the book than the movie).
Next winter, this collection is exactly what I'll be thinking of when I get dressed.
(P.S. those leather shorts, in the collage above, need to come live in my closet. like, NAO!!! )
Dior Homme
I'm really glad to see that Kris Van Assche has helped Dior Homme graduate from looking like the prepubescent  cokehead that Hedi Slimane was designing for.(note: I appreciate the work that Hedi did at Dior Homme and I honestly like most of the things he did,  but it was better the first few seasons he did it.)
Van Assche has turned the Dior man into a really cool, well-adjusted guy.
The Van Assche Dior man is relaxed and more mature than the Slimane Dior man but hes still the same bad-ass at heart.
He has realized that his clothes dont have to be so exaggerated(or skin-tight) for him to be "hip" and get "noticed".
I loved the grey looks the most.
All of the outerwear from this collection is AMAZING!!! The clothes were good too but I would need a closer look to truly discern. HINT HINT!! PAGING VAN ASSCHE!!
When I look at the complete collection in order I can kinda see a story.
(I won't tell it to you because it will confuse the hell out of you. It involves monks and Edward Cullen.)
There are always a few rotten apples in the bunch and at the Dior Homme those apples came in the form of pinstripes, they were really awkward and I didn't like them at all, (looks 40-45)
but they would totally go with this seasons  Pimpin' Gear.lol

EDIT: I have no idea whats up with those huge spaces at the top of this post, my only explanation is thst the Illuminati is out to sabotage my blog.


  1. hahaha "condom chic" and shrek references. new favorite blog. xx

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by!

    Glad you like it. I got the pants from a store called Aritzia (its actually for womens) Originally it was $150 and I got it on sale for $20.

    -Stephen Pham

  3. I laughed at that 'condom chic' too haha :) Not really digging Ervell either, Rag & Bone + Dior are great of course!

  4. Oh man, I think I'll be taking a cue on the hair in section 1 as well!

  5. Pham-thx! I'll be checking them out soon.

    Graham-Hair is always great at PErvell(I could've said the same for the clothes before this season)

  6. lovely looks!
    your blog is great!!

  7. I love what Rag and Bone does with military aesthetics, especially for women. And with Atlanta's bipolar weather, layers are a fashionphile's best friend!
    -xoxo Mo

  8. kris van assche did an incredible job at dior homme, the dior man is now an elegant (and rich as hell) avant-gardiste.

    oh yeah, for the huge spaces at the top of posts, blogger does that all the time on my blog too. it's weird and unwanted

  9. Your commentary made that post more lovely than imagined. I veto condom resembled pieces too, can someone tell the designer that?

    And hospitals, yes, you are crazy they are full of germs! As my mom would say. Maybe that means you were meant to be a doctor though? That would be my theory.

  10. That coat in the top right Rag and Bone photo is amazing! Great blog you have.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog too.