Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mackin Aint Easy!!!

According to Fashion Science, in the Winter of the year 2010, we will all develop Fur Coat Fever and evolve into the species Majoritis Pimpus. We will all drive big Cadillacs and mack fly hoes,a la The Mack.

Ladies, you too,
all photos : GQ and Style


  1. I'm loving the fur-trend!
    The woman on the left side's look is great. It looks good with mesh shirt underneath the big fur!
    Great blog!

  2. The last ones(both men and women) are my favorites but I haven never been much of a fur lover.
    Fur vests I like, coats not so much.

  3. FUR IS SCARY. :(
    i do like second to last in ladies though!

  4. Hahahaha, I'm soo down with the pimpin gear... just as long as the fur has been gathered in safe manner of course.

  5. Arushi - IKR!!! I dont even like Balmain that much but that is just way 2 HOT!!!

    Maja - I can so imagine you in a superluxe oversized fur!!u need to get one right now!!

    Graham - ikrlol!!!

    Angela - I knew you'd like the Lanvin!!(where r u??I need some Angela in mah life like NAO!!!)

  6. all that's missing is a tacky pimp cane (magic stick, eww) and a few gold teeth and then, you're set. big pimpin'

    i love you blog!

    please check out mine!