Saturday, April 17, 2010

F*ck Yeah, Spring!!

Spring is here.
Which means that all the EPIC runway things that I was pining over last winter, I might actually see (epic) people running around in.
If you are one of them I hate everything about you.(not really, please be my friend. please.)
and I'm going insane.
Recently, whenever I hear a song, I compulsively match it with to a Spring 2010(which was the first year I actually paid in-depth attention to runway:)*ahhhh memories*) runway look that I really like. I have no idea why. Its actually gotten to an  OCD-ish point, so you guys play 
the shrink, I'll be the patient and tell me if I've offically cracked.

Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan - Patrik Ervell

Right?? this is so Dylan.
It has that, Im-a-stoner-I-make-music-I'm-kind-of-a-douche thing going on but its 
so good and kinda nostalgiaic that you forgive its douche-y stoner musician-ness.
Everything from the Clarks to the Jew-Fro is so MAJOR!!!

Healer - Erykah Badu - John Galliano

I am so feeling this Aladdin/Arabian Nights/We cant all be lion tamers situation that Galliano was pulling last season. Immediatley when I heard this song I thought of the turbans, odd layers and fake tans (I actually really liked "Jersey Shore". SO WHAT OF IT!!??.) it fits this song so well!! I would've posted the collection but I thought this one was the one I'd most likely wear.

(p.s.If you got that "lion tamers" line, you're my hero!!)

Lets Go Surfing - The Drums - Dsquared2

I understand that this collection/look has absolutely nothing to do with the beach and/or surfing and that I would most likely die a slow, sweaty death of heat stroke
but when I heard this song all I could hear were colors and the commands to: RUNJUMPREBELBEFREE!!(I told you I was going insane.)
and DSQUARED2 relayed that same message to me with the amazing color combos and epic styling.
this is a rad look for anywhere, heatstroke or no heatstroke.
(p.s. totez wanna take the Givenchy-esque leggings under shorts look behind a middle school and get it pregnant)

Rock The Catbox  Casbah - The Clash - 3.1 Philip Lim

I read somewhere that this collection was based on the idea of  disarming society's view on traditional masculinity, and the writings of Jack Kerouac and other Beat Gen writers.
I totally see that with the ultra-androgynous shapes on top of drab colors, and this fits the song so well because (I believe) this song is about a guy going up agaist the Israeli Government to defend rock music(plz don't quote me).
(can I just say that I loved this ENTIRE collection and that I would wear every look, no questions asked.Phillip, I love you.)

All-Star - SmashMouth - Y-3

I don't like sports.
I don't think I ever will.
The people that play them are usually assholes and most of the games 
usually end up in someone beeing physically harmed.
plus, they have to many rules and regulations for my ADHD-ed brain to keep up with.
I literally cried when I found out Physical Education was a required course in high school.
I'm the guy that you see sitting in the bleachers w/ the fat chick, debating the social importance of Lady Gaga and how glad we are that SNL is getting better(aren't you!!??).
If I got to wear this EPIC Yohji get-up, and "All-Star" was playing.....I might consider participating in gym class.
 p.s. major nostalgia points to "All Star"!!!!

Live Long and Prosper

(all photos: GQ )


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  7. Looking at your posts and saw The Clash, I love your blog now

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  9. I love those guys!!!