Monday, April 5, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 pt.1

So..............I kinda fail at life and thats why I haven't been blogging. I've been being a very bad blogger(I blame the ADD), but you forgive me.............right?
I'm about a decade late reviewing AWFW 2010, but theres so many shows that I wanna talk about, so, here we go.

Band Of Outsiders

Brings Wes Anderson, "Vampire Weekend" and Annie Hall (aka Pretensious, Pretensious-er and Pretentious-est) to mind,  I feel like if I wear this I should go to Columbia and have a friend named Chad and a girlfriend named Muffy and I would play tennis at a Country Club and daddy would buy me a Jag'.
I see no problemz with any of that.
The color scheme is really good, I love that lightblueondarkblue and the heather spackled(I feel like this is a word but I could wrong, I want it to be,its supposed to mean like splattered or something,whatever) grey. I liked Band Of Outsiders when they debuted, but there repetition annoyed the hell out of me.It feel liked every season they do the same richhipsterthatownsaboat thing and this season isnt really different but I like styling and the way it was presented.
(against a woodsy backdrop w/ vintage cars and models hanging from chandeliers)
These are my 3 favorite looks. I would wear these right off the runway,err...whatever.

HELL YES! I want to wear Carrol as shoes!!

The layered looks totez remind me of when I was little and my mom would make me wear a tank top, t-shirt, turtleneck, sweater, underwear, long johns, pants, a snowsuit,
and a coat(I couldn't put my arms down). But in a good way.
*welived in Wisconsin. During the winter-time. Which is INSANE!!!
This feels so familiar because it's so D&G, 
but it also feels really new at the same time.

I love the MC Hammer/Ski/Trash bag pants in teal and grey(they're all really nice, though). I also really liked the sneakers, they remind me of soccer pads and shoes, like, if I played soccer I could just buy these and I'd be set..

*Yels to mom: Mom, I wanna play soccer. and I know where we could get some great shoes
and shin guards. They might be alittle expensive though.:)*

but anywho.......... I liked the looks at the end but they didn't go with the beginning of the collection, it seemed like 2 different ideas, the first one is kinda like Missoni/Homeless Jetskiing Businessman and the 2nd is James Bond-in-Aspen.
(I'm sorry I just couldn't resist!lol!)
Versace was very Tron-meets-The Matrix this season
With lots of black leather, metal and wraparound shades.
I love the fact that it has obvious reference points but its not tacky
or costume-y
I also really love that its so minimalist and maximalist at the same time, the colors are so vibrant and the setting complimented the overall vibe and look of everything. me likey.
I never ever, in a million years, imagined that this next sentence would even cross my mind, but, , but...................... I really like those purple latex/leather pants:-l

I could'nt really pick any "favorites", because the whole collection is so effing fantastic, but after a long and grueling mindbattle these are(some of) my favorites

That was fun right............:D
Stay tuned, I'll do more later,

All photos: GQ


  1. Wow, love almost all the looks!
    Great post dude! ;-D

  2. On the last pic of 'Band Of Outsiders' collection, the boy looks like wearing the Chewaka feet.

  3. I love the eccentricity of all your posts!

  4. you have great insight on mens fashion! ive really want to get more into mens fashion, so this post was great!

  5. Versace Uommo was splendid, I would kill for those PVC Pants.
    Thanks for the comment on my post, Good Luck.
    Parsons is such an esteemed and prestigious school, I would love to apply as well.

    Keep in touch Taj!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  6. band of outsiders! so good!

    maxwell conrad

  7. band of outsiders had an amazing fall/winter collection. It had some spring elements in it as well; they are quite inspiring and you are right, the looks are very wearable!

  8. HAHAHA, I love that Missy Elliott video--although if I had to choose, I'd say Male Model rocks the look better.