Monday, February 28, 2011


same green&gold/nature vibez, but more teen angst/self-discovery/defiance!:)

Yes, I did miss SaturdayJamz this week and yes I am very sorry, but I have a life!!
loljk I was at my Grandma's house!!!:)<3
Take this as a peace-offering for my blatant blog-neglect
I'm soooooooo glad that they won that Grammy! I was a little irritated at first, cuz they beat Gaga(PAWS UP!!), but now I see that they really deserved it.This album is AMAZING and Arcade Fire has been making kick ass music for the longest with little praise,outside of the hipster social circles. So I'm really happy for them and I'm glad that America is finally recognizing music outside of the mainstream.
(Animal Collective should win one next!!!lol)
(Wait NO! that would be a horrible idea! If I hear one of the kids at my school singing "Fireworks" I WILL CHOKE A BITCH!! srsly they just need to stay "That band that I listen to and nobody else knows and when I bring them up in conversations with my friends are all like this")(oh damn I sound like Hipster Kitty, nowlol). 
But anyway this song has been on replay for the last week or so, plus the video totally fits the teen angst-vibezzz

Monday, February 21, 2011

someday you will ache like I ache said that bigger was better at Yohji Yamamoto this season,and If thats so then "older" is as well!
 I interpreted Yohji's latest collection to be waxing poetically on learning how to live life and age comfortably(I would imagine that the apples and bones, shown in look 4 in the above collage, are symbols living healthily), how to maneuver lifes hard times while also painting a vivid picture of  plaisirs de la vie.

 I really liked this collection. More than once while getting dressed this winter I  caught myself going for traveling/grandaddy/sweater&amp;tweed vibes, so this is right up my alley, plus all of the sneakers were soooooo good!!!

The title is a lyric from "Doll Parts" by Hole (two Hole references in one month, Taj?STOP IT!!)I know, I know but I feel like that lyric fits the whole "Grandpa/Livin Lyf3/Aging/Wisdom" vibez of Yohji this season.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

SATURDAYJAMZZZ!!!:mylife edition

OMFG you guys!!! I thought I scheduled this to come out yesterday!!! 
but obvzz I didn't so Saturday Jamz is now Sunday Jamz!!!!
These is a mix that I made a long time ago on 8tracks(before they got all bitchy and decided that they wanted you to upload your own tracks)
but anyway this mix is about my life.
all of the songs are either completely parallel to my life or very, very close.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

What do you three think of becoming sister-wives, Henrikson-style?

1. Liu Wen

2. Ajak Deng

3.Lindsey Wixson

call me!!!

(Even though I'm supercereal about wanting to marry and have multiple babies with each of these girls, we all know that  this is a filler and a creepy one at that.Please excuse this, as we (me and da fam)have just moved so my absence from the blogosphere was fill with packing boxes and lifting heavy wooden things(don't worry I lifted with the knees, not the back). I have alot of GREATTTT things planned! stay tuned:D)

:) <3

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So like I said before I loveeee Winter for its sartorial opportunities, but Summer is just an all around fun time and one of my favorite bands EVER, The Drums just put me in such a Summer/Nostalgia/Moody mood.
There like the most perfect-est mix of The Smiths and Joy Division and The Beach Boys! 

:) <3

Friday, February 11, 2011


I can't believe its been a year.
I don't really want to speak to much on the genius that was Alexander McQueen, because I'll only end up putting my foot in my mouth but I do wanna say that he was an amazing artist, he brought otherworldly, unthinkable, ethereal visions to life before your eyes. He was an incorrigible aesthete before anything else. below are some favorites of mine.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SJ: IdealistExistentialist Edition

"Because gifted children are able to consider the possibilities of how things might be, they tend to be idealists. However, they are simultaneously able to see that the world is falling short of how it might be. Because they are intense, gifted children feel keenly the disappointment and frustration which occurs when ideals are not reached. Similarly, these youngsters quickly spot the inconsistencies, arbitrariness and absurdities in society and in the behaviors of those around them. Traditions are questioned or challenged.

When gifted children try to share these concerns with others, they are usually met with reactions ranging from puzzlement to hostility. They discover that others, particularly of their age, clearly do not share these concerns, but instead are focused on more concrete issues and on fitting in with others’ expectations. Often by even first grade, these youngsters, particularly the more highly gifted ones, feel isolated from their peers and perhaps from their families as they find that others are not prepared to discuss such weighty concerns." (via tamburina)(via bobo)


Not to sound like a pretentious, overzealous douchebag or anything(just by saying that I think I just set myself up to sound like a pretensious, overzealous douchebag. But whatevs) but thats my whole life in a nutshell, and this song puts me in such a introspective, melancholy mood.
(also I'm really sorry that lately my blog has just been going from SJ to SJ with no real posts in between, I have no real excuse to offer but its gonna get better. I promise!!!)
(all pics via my tumblr)