Thursday, October 14, 2010

123456789 x 8 + 9 = 987654321

Tommy Ton worked with to basically do what he does best, which is candidly catch the extremely rich and amazingly well dressed in one of their natural habitats. Fashion Week. These are some of my favorites from London and New York.


 London preps with hard-core punk rock edge exhibited through piercings and tattoos paired with   oxfords buttoned-to-the-top and cardigans,(sounds sorta cliche, with the recent revival of the London/Punk/Prep look(i.e.Bottega Veneta last season) but thats real life to these guys.)  

 I'm a sucker for cool sock/sandal combinations and these two hit the spot.
(anyone know where I can get some cool patterned socks?)
 The definition of cool.
This dude deserves some sort of award. The simplicity of the outfit broken up by the leopard print undershirt is nothing short of awesome!! 

New York
 I love injecting humor into my wardrobe and I love mixing patterns that are kind of similar, This look does both!!and not to mention it features a zippered double-breasted blazer aka HELLZYESS!!

I like to think of this suit as a perfectly punctuated sentence. 
I saw a lot of camo going on at Fashion Week but this was by far the best execution.(well, at least tied with this) I am now figuring out what all I would have to sell to obtain this magical mofo.

The "Canadian Tuxedo" gets a New York interpretation.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

With a cameo by the Reverend Al Sharpton

~wow.  I wrote this about   3 months ago before I went to school. more on that sitch laterz~

Hey guys,
Sorry for the hiatus, I went on a much needed vacation. I went to Orlando, Florida(IT WAS LITERALLY AS HOT AS HELL!!) We went to the Universal Orlando theme park (the best rides were Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ,The Simpsons Ride & The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man) (I'm a huge Virtual Reality/3-D geek and I don't like roller coasters. Sue me.)
The prices, for food and stuff, ARE INSANE!!!!($8 dollars for a cup of (mediocre, if I may say so myself) lemonade?? No thank you) 
Besides the crazy prices and inferno-like heat everything was really nice. :D
(I will upload some pics later, but I really didn't take any outfit pics because I was soaking wet everyday.)

anyway, the reason for this post(his posts have reasons now??*looks out window, pigs are in mid-flight*) is to tell you guys that I start school today(in a few hours actually)and I dont get out until December and I won't have a lot of(if any) blogging time. I've set up some scheduled posts and stuff, but I just wanted to let you guys know.
The rest of this post is just gonna be random photos/videos.
(I went to see "Inception" and it reminded me of this.)(By MC Escher)

(speaking of, I know I told you guys that I would be better(i.e. on time) at reviewing the shows at Fashion Week and I totally failed at that, but reviews are on the way!! I promise fo'realz this time)

 This is an outtake from the shoot (wow, did I just begin this sentence like that........outtake??...shoot??...)I did in my last(not to mention first) outfit post. 
It was an accident but I really liked the way it came out.