Sunday, June 20, 2010

little blue bird

I don't want to sound like a delusional self-important douchebag or anything*, but I think that the person that writes the fashion show reviews for GQ, totally saw my tweet!!!
Check out those mad fly Microsoft Paint skillz!!
I tweeted that while the show was happening and that post didn't get on the GQ website till 4 hours later.

I know that the shoes basically are gladiator Birkenstocks, and me saying it on twitter before some important editor doesn't give me immunity to Bird Flu(what?) or give Christopher Bailey the idea to fly me out to Fashion Week in March and dress me head to toe in Burberry and sit me front row for the show(HINT HINT PAGING MR. BAILEY) , but I stll think its really cool!:)

*did I fail at that?


  1. I really hope it's true that GQ stole it from you, (rhymes yay) that would be totally awesome. Keep up the great twitters and maybe you'll be in that front row seat one day! (as you should be, your blog is ace!)

  2. ya, you never know, maybe it was you and the editor was in major need of inspiration and just stole it from you! i don't know that many fashion peeps that could have come up with that term!