Monday, November 21, 2011

heroes and villains and cholos

I really like the way David Neville and Marcus Wainwright took prominent allusions to the L.A. Gang culture and convincingly laced it with references to Surf culture. 
I call it Cholos in Waikiki or Boyz N Maui.This season's  3XL Dickies and houseshoe-ish slip-ons paired with the board shorts and those Hawaiian prints (composed of high rises, low-riders and barbed wires)  all seem right at home next to each other. Its very quirky and conceptual while also maintaining all of the the formal tailoring that keep the brand relevant.
Peppered in throughout the looks, Neville and Wainwright gave the collection what they called an  "element of England," dandy flavored, hand-tailored morning coats and the jacquard suits and wind breakers (my personal fave is the Mao-ish suit (bottom right)).
The boys at Rag & Bone have this really rad way of fusing totally random references and bringing it all together in a way you couldn't have even imagined (last season they gave us British Royalty in sportswear, read:Tartan letterman jackets and Neoprene kilts)
(I love the way some models only have their top button buttoned lol choloswag)

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  1. id love to see my boyf wear the grey/silver blazer at the bottom left, droolingggg