Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think its really awesome when a designer can keep reinventing himself, while staying true to his cardinal aesthetic. I remember (unnecessarily) semi-bitching at Geller a few seasons ago, about the fact that most of his collections have the same underlying theme with just interchangeable colors and details.
And while I still believe that to be the case here, something clicked with this collection. I no longer look at Geller as a redundant hack, but as an author developing a very coherent, headstrong character, and sticking him in different sociocultural situations and seeing how he pans out. 
I'm always down for a good experiment.
Spring/Summer 2012 sees the Geller man as a Bowie-obsessed Club Kid in
 voluminous, slouchy jackets, tailored button ups and mesh t-shirts in dark solid colors, under wide-brimmed fedoras (similar to the ones seen at Lanvin this Fall).
His bottom half in oversized shorts, leather skinnies, paper bag waists, big stripes and theses cool little macrame cuffs, accented by rad shoes in collaboration with Common Projects.


  1. ooo I love a gentleman in a pair of Common Projects. The hats are interesting... not sure if I love them or hate them. Ha!

  2. CP is literally one of my top 3 shoe brands!! (I just wish I had the money to buy them lol) and yeah the hats are very interesting