Saturday, August 20, 2011

SJ #14

Besides Watch The Throne, this is what I've been listening to lately.....
1. How Come You Never Go There - Feist//SO EXCITED FOR HER NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!! AHHGGGH!!SHES SO PERFECT!!!! (also the composition kinda sound like Robin Pecknold had something to do with this! #DOUBLEWIN)
2. Only Girl In The World (cover)  - XIU XIU//never really been into XIU XIU (even tho he's kind of a hodgepodge of all of my favorite artist......) but his version of this ,already bombass song, is just rocking my world right now!!!
3. Grove St. Party - Lil Wayne ft. Lil B// I'm a huge shameless fan of Lil Wayne, Lil B and the original version of this song by Waka Flocka, so this is just way to much WINNNN!! (plus Lil B's laugh at 03:50 is sooo funny to me!!lmao:D)

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