Saturday, December 18, 2010

I saw it, and it was beautiful.

After months much of anticipation, reading countless reviews, pages and pages of google image searches,  going crazy over the commercial/the "Interview" article and being a complete and total fanboy over Natalie Portman w/ Stanley, I WENT TO GO SEE "BLACK SWAN" U GUYZZ!!!!!! AND IT WAS INSANE IN DA MUHFUGGIN MEMBRANE!!!
I arrived at the theater(a bit late after having to hunt down a lackey to buy us tickets! DAMN YOU AGE RESTRICTIONS!! YOU MADE ME MISS THE FIRST 10 MINUTES!!!)
 ( "Us" being Stanley, KelcieMo and I)

"Black Swan" was beautiful, intoxicating and strange, even scary at times.
The movie follows the life of prima ballerina Nina Sayers whose life (as well as her obsessive mother's) have been enveloped by ballet. 
Nina is a dancer in a New York City ballet company 
whose director, Thomas Leroy (a terrifyingly seductive and misogynistic dickhead ,played by Vincent Cassel) has decided to replace his ''little princess", the aging prima ballerina,Beth, 
(played by Winona Ryder, who was crazy/drunk/beautiful and endangering her life for most of the film) as the "Swan Queen" in the company's production of "Swan Lake". Nina is spot-on when it comes to portraying the "White Swan" but lacks the seduction and charm needed to pull off the "Black Swan". Enter Lily (played by Mila Kunis AKA the voice of "Meg"), a fellow ballerina (and her understudy) with enough seduction and charm to coax  Eyjafjallajökull into a full on eruption (for some odd reason I was up all night reading about it??idk either. I still don't know how to pronounce it properly, but I just call it BjorkMountain because of the Icelandic-connection!!:)lol idk why I think you think this is interesting, but I decided to share it anyway.) 
anywhooo... Nina is scared and fascinated by Lily at the same time.
 Lily represents everything that is dangerous and risque to Nina, Lily has sex and takes drugs, she goes out to clubs at all hours of the AM and above all Lily knows how to forgive herself, a trait Nina knows nothing of, as evident by her constant obsessing. 
The two become frenemies, NIna believes that Lily only exists as a dark counterpart. a personification of her inner "Black Swan" that she ever-so obsessively works to repress.
Thomas, the aforementioned asshole director, before asking her to "Stop being so fucking weak", directs Nina to "lose yourself" in the passion of the role, and thats exactly what she does, believing that "losing herself" meshed with enough "homework" will bring her success in portraying the "Black Swan". And it actually works but not with out a few consequences.
By the end of the film I was so wrapped in Nina's disillusion that I didn't know what was real and what wasn't, but it all made perfect sense.
SPOILER ALERT(kinda): This was my favorite scene!!

Rodarte did all of the ballet costumes and some of the dress(They made Beths dress in the pic at the top, as evident by the silver lame:)(The Mulleavys know they love some lame))(they also did Nina's costume in that same scene but I can't find any screencaps!! wtf, internet??)
EDIT: 2:08 Wednesday 12-29-2010
I found a screencap of Nina's costume in the scene mentioned above on tumblr(TG4TUMBLR)
this is a shitty screen cap but it still shows how AMAZING the Rodarte sisters work is.
I was most eager to see this costume. The Mulleavy sisters said that when designing this costume they were inspired by a mechanical bird/Demon. Padded with distressed velvet and floral embroidered cheesecloth. 
The nightmare-ish costume for  Von Rothbart, kinda reminds me of Rodarte Spring 2010.

The Prince's costume is also inspired by the vision of a "mechanical bird". 

The Black Swan costume is a mutated version of The White Swan. Feathers growing from odd places (I mean that in a good way.), the symmetrical bodice of the White Swan is in total opposition to the outlandish Black Swan's costume, with all of it crazy layering and detail. 
The costume not only provides eye-candy for die-hard fashion fanboys/girls, It also helped tell the story. I feel like these costumes are a character whose names deserve to be in lights along-side the likes of Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. The Black Swan costume highlight Nina's descent to the dark side and the White Swan costume calls attention to the perfect consequence.

Black Swan was a true piece of art. Darren Aronofsky and Natalie Portman deserve ALL of the prestigious tinsel-town awards:)


  1. I can't describe the sheer PERFECTION of everything about this.

  2. the movie was amazing, though it didn't quite meet my wayyyyy to high expectations!