Wednesday, December 8, 2010


CdG reminded me of a scary movie this season.
 Omnipresent skulls, blood reds, the blackest of blacks and bruise-y blues combined for something that was fashionably scary.
Despite evoking such feelings, Rei Kawakubo (the designer)has said that the skull represents life, an oppistion to regular societal norms. (which is an everyday thing for ReiRei:))
"Kids That Shop At HotTopic" also sprung to mind as  Skellington-ish skulls flooded the runway on A-line man-skirts and matching inverted fitted blazers and painted onto the backs of the models heads. That aspect combined with the Rockabilly accents of the checkerboard prints and slicked back do's brought a Gothic humor to the show. With that "humor" also came life, making perfect sense of the so-called "Skull Of Life".
These are my favorite looks.


  1. AmaZing collection! thanKs so much for sharing - i like that red/white blazer. gonna go have a closer look on it now.

  2. Why are those men in dresses! Skulls don't negate the fact that THOSE ARE DRESSES.

    Your first favorite look (the white suit thing) is my favorite.


  3. I somehow find all these skeletons very cute ~~I'm too damaged.. is it the clip from scary movie? it always cracks me up !!

  4. @ Ediot - thats actually a red leather jacket cut into a lattice pattern!!! so cool!!

    @stan - yeah dont really like them that much in this context but u should check out her Spring 2010 collection, the skirts in that collection were more kilt-ish and manlier( I hope that makes sense...) and it went with the schoolboyvibezz of the show

    @Shane - me 2!!!! Only Rei and McQueen could make me like skulls!!

    @DFTY - YESSS BOP!!!!

  5. Loving the ones in their hair!