Saturday, September 10, 2011

sj #16

Just a few songs that I've been listening to non-stop for the last few days..
1. Jai Paul - BTSU
THIS DUDE IS AWESOME!!!!!!! he only has 2 songs and a preview,and  I am DYING for some sort of hint at a full length album!!! he kind of reminds me of Toro y Moi plus he sounds like and angel when  sings the "f-word" (him and Thom Yorke :))

2. Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air
Literally one of the most best-est songs ever!! Friendly Fires has been on my "kinda cool" list since "Paris" but this is just awesome!! for the first minute and a half I was kinda iffy about it, but at like 1:40 I got goosebumps and somewhere between 2:50 and the end, I got mildy emotional....its that good. Airy dream pop about traveling the globe sang by a boy with an accent:) what more could you ask for?

3.  Tyler, The Creator -Transylvania
I love Tyler. Thats all.
"Goddamn I love bitches, especially when they only suck dick and wash dishes"


  1. OMG twoo of my favourite artists right now. Tyler the creator and Friendly Fires. you have great taste in music

    Check me out!

  2. LOVE Tyler! I saw OFWGKTA this past spring, and I'm going for round 2 in October. Great music choices!


  3. REALLY!?? how were they? I'm going to see them this October!! can't waaaaaiiiit!!!

  4. I feel so disconnected. I think I'd really like this "Friendly Fires" band. Thanks for putting me on to them!