Tuesday, September 6, 2011

you know you want (to forgive me for missing #SaturdayJamz)

omg you guys!!! I totally forgot about SJ!!!I'm sowwwy!! :/ #suckyblogger
but anyway watch this video and laugh and think about how perfect Raquel and Karen look (don't you just wanna softly rub your cheek against Karen's hair and brush it forever and ever....cuz...thats totally not creepy...at all.....) and how much you just wanna play "Just Dance" on Wii with them and how awkward yet simultaneously cool the male models look gettin' dey groove on and how adorbz Alber is and sigh wistfully while trying to stare past your cold, dark Lanvin-less existence......oh sorry I was venting, just watch the video.


  1. OH! I totally love this! hahaah :D

  2. I saw this the other day, and kept watching it over and over and over and over again! I love it :)