Sunday, January 16, 2011


you guys!!!!!!:)
Prada was so BEAST!!!!!
I was at  my computer(I watched the live-stream) like this:
Prada's infatuation with uniforms made for an awesome season. Looks from every workplace were represented, three-piece suits and ties/ preppy sweaters over oxfords, as well as some others. It almost felt as if Miuccia Prada ( The Queen of Rebellious Quirk ) was telling us to grow up. she took all of the usual Prada insurgency out of the clothes and we were left with amazingly tailored and elongated work clothes, and thats not a complaint, thats a PRAISE!!
Miuccia used denim in one of the oddest and most innovative ways I've ever seen, showing denim t-shirts and 2-piece next to long-sleeved boat-neck shirts (paired with shorts of kilt-ish proportions) and denim palazzo pants. The first two looks I personally don't like, the silhouettes just aren't flattering at all (Thunder Thighs, anyone?) and  it looks kinda sloppy. The second two looks, while not "AMAZOMG!!!!!" are still pretty good, I like the "palazzo" pants in the 3rd look.
"Off Duty Nurse Chic"
(lol this kinda reminds me of "Scrubs")
(me and my little brother used to watch that show ALL THE TIME!!)
The potent hits of color added a needed playfulness to the collection.
The shades were also giving off major 90's vibes.

the shoes were so good. *pause for emphasis* THE SHOES WERE SO GOOD!!
They took the show to another level. LITERALLY!!!
They were like creeper/wingtip/espadrille/trainers.
I plan on taking those blue ones home with me at some point before this year is over. Seriously.

~au revoir~

p.s. Its funny that I'm posting this now, because I just watched Prada FW 2011 like an hour ago #foreverlate
p.s.s.s. is it just me or does Miuccia always have the BEST venues/presentation ever???This looks like the basement of a UFO!! I mean seriously go watch FW2011 and tell me that wasn't a bamf labyrinth of a presentation!!


  1. I have to say the only thing noteworthy from this collection are the shoes, the sweaters, and the glasses. Everything else is just.... :/

  2. the shoes were just mega but confused me.

    here we go chap, the mugs

  3. Not liking the scrub look, but Prada's uniform look is dapper. :) The last shot in the Miuccia set is sharp as well...

  4. those shoes, at first i hated them, but now i've seen the light!