Saturday, January 8, 2011

SJ: YouthQuake2011+

"And I feel like I'm breaking up, and I wanted to stay

Headlights on the hillside, don't take me this way
I don't want you to hold me, I don't want you to pray
This is bigger than us"

This song feels like the current state of our generation.
It's elegantly grotesque and damaged.
We're on the brink of coming into adulthood, on the edge of our chrysalis stage.
Thinking about this has me kinda depressed/scared and also happy/excited about the future.
I want a life that lets me see/feel/smell/hear/taste/experience new things everyday.
My biggest fear in life is to be complacent with nothingness.
To not create anything, to let my creativity die down and become a nobody.
I know that a working class hero is something to be, but thats not the life I want.
I don't  ever wanna be at a mental stand still. 
I wanna meet new people and do new things.
I feel like this generation could do so many amazing things.
We could establish new cultures, new music genres, new art forms.
We just need to pull together and create and celebrate a new school of thought.

(sry if I'm not making any sense/rambling, but I needed to say this.)


  1. I share the same fear of becoming a nobody. What freaks me out even more is that I know that not everyone can be a somebody. A few of us are going to be nobodies. What if I'm that one? Just a few words for thought, I guess.

    PS I like your quote from Alexander McQueen

  2. I like the unconditional jeans you've posted below. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too whenyou have time.


  3. @Audrey- ikr! its a scary and harrowing thought, but if u work towards the life u want I believe u will get what u deserve:)